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University of Colorado Denver

John Tinnell

“John Tinnell teaches courses on digital culture, histories of writing and technology, multimedia, the sublime, and nonfiction writing. He was recently a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University and holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Florida. His recent book, Actionable Media (Oxford UP, 2018), examines a new wave of digital art and communication emerging with the spread of smartphones, augmented reality, and the Internet of things. His writing on technology, culture, and rhetoric has appeared in the Los Angeles Times and the Boston Review, as well as in scholarly journals such as Computational Culture, Computers and Composition, Deleuze Studies, and Environmental Communication. He is currently working on a narrative history about the famed technology R&D center Xerox PARC, where a group of researchers in 1990s anticipated much of our current digital landscape and the existential questions it is raising. More details about his writing and teaching can be found on his website:”

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